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About Us

CLASSIC started out being the beginning of a premium idea. Vapor enthusiasts such as ourselves, are always looking for the next best e-juice. Each CLASSIC e-Juice has a personality of its own. They are an icon print of many generations. They are a revolution, a new standard, a new image, a new taste of life through vaping.

Being in the retail business side of things, we realized that many of our clients are after the highest quality premium e-juices. With all our knowledge of the vaping business, we decided to make our own.

After tasting over 300 different kinds of premium e-juices from across the world, we narrowed it down to the highest quality ingredients and flavours. We have carefully selected, experimented, formulated and tested many complex mixes with natural and organic flavours.

We are now proud to present our first CLASSIC premium lines of e-juices, made with the highest quality VG/PG, natural and organic flavouring. We also use the highest quality nicotine sourced out of the USA. All are produced in a maintained laboratory environment that meets Health Canada food grade standards. Our premium flavours are aged two weeks before being bottled, to engage and flourish maximum taste.

Our new line of CLASSIC premium e-juice will please every single palette for every individual wishing to vape the very best premium e-juices on the market.

about us
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